2021 Summer Beauty Care

there is one lesson we have all learned the hard way at some point in our life, it is to love the skin we’re in and to treat it from the inside and outside with optimal nourishment.


As I embark on the new journey as the owner of Beauty Prodigy I wanted to share with you my top picks that keep my skin looking young, happy and hydrated.

It comes as no surprise to many that when I choose my skincare products, I do it with hours of research, so trust me when I say, I absolutely loved trying these products this past spring, and of course, they still remain a bedtime routine for me nightly.

Let’s walk through my routine:

Step 1 – Eco Tan: Super Citrus Cleanser 

This cleanser is so refreshing with its citrus scent, I can’t help but crave a lemonade all day.

Cleanser is an essential part of maintaining your complexion and if that’s your goal, seriously look no further. Packed with natural caviar lime AHA’s and organic Aloe, you won’t ever look for another cleanser again.

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Step 2 – Eco Tan: Super Fruit Hydrator 

Okay when I tell you this hydrator hydrates, I mean it! Complete with collagen-stimulating ingredients I absolutely had to try it.

This hydrating lotion is non-comedogenic and great for sensitive skin. My favourite time to use this one is at night, but there’s no reason to not use it in the daytime too…. just sprinkle that shit everywhere, thank me later.

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Step 3 – Eco Tan: Glory Oil 

Ironically enough Eco Tan claims the best pairing of this is with the Super Fruit Hydrator (mentioned above).

So right off the bat, I thought Inca Inchi, Acai and Pumpkin Seed Oil was the oddest combination for a face oil.

I love face oils, ya ya I know I’m a lash tech so I should not like face oils, sue me! But hey, honestly these oils work wonderfully for scarring and eczema.

Have you ever tried Gua Sha? If you’re a fan of incorporating it into your routine try it with some glory oil – You’re welcome!

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Step 4 – Eco Tan: Sunscreen

ARRIVING SOON, but an absolute must for you!

Let me be clear, you had me at “reef-friendly”. I mean other than keeping my skin safe if there’s anything that’ll make me happier when choosing my skincare is an environmentally conscious product line.

Truthfully, I am not a fan of aerosol suncare in any shape or form, so I was so excited when Eco Tan announced their suncare line.

Pros: It doesn’t clog your pores (Non-comedogenic), gives a really nice matte finish, is VEGAN, provides SPF 30 and has green packaging.



Step 5 – Eco Tan: Face Compost Mask

I am a HUGE fan of bentonite and kaolin clays. It packs a double punch with its ability to soothe your skin with its anti-inflammatory ingredients.

The name “Face Compost Mask” caught me off guard when I first got this product. Nothing about-face and compost sounded appealing to me, but you know what was appealing? Australian clay.

Looking to see its true abilities at work? I recommend this product as a prep step in the morning before makeup application.

Step 6 – Eco Tan: Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

I love salt scrubs over sugar scrubs all day every day and this one doesn’t disappoint.

In the world of Beauty Prodigy where spray tans are hot off the press and self-tanning at home is an absolute must, I can say with the utmost confidence that you don’t want to be caught without a good salt scrub, especially one with Himalayan salt.

I love the subtle scent of lemongrass and the light yet abrasiveness that washes away all skin cells for a brighter looking skin tone. Finish your exfoliation with that hydrator stat!

Bonus: This scrub won GOLD in the Janey Loves PLATINUM AWARDS 2016, was awarded Highly Commended in the Natural Health International Beauty Awards for 2016 and has just won BEST BODY SCRUB at the 10th Annual Healing Lifestyles Awards 2019 in the USA!

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BONUS Product – Eco Tan: Coconut Deodorant

This is something I never thought in a million years I would enjoy. I was the teenager powering through every type of deodorant stick know to man.

Three years ago, I started detoxing from deodorants and switching to more natural products. I generally like to use a paste but decided I’d give this one a go once we started offering sugaring services.

The thing about deodorants is, we need to let our body expel toxins naturally so I’m not a fan of blocking pores or sweat glands that prevent a natural sweat. Additionally, I wanted to ensure our clients had to best possible solution for post under arm hair removal.

This amazing old school roll-on deodorant is 100% free of aluminium, bi-carb, parabens, synthetic fragrances and other toxic chemicals. Instead, it is made from organic, natural, vegan & cruelty-free ingredients making it ideal for sensitive skin.

You SHOULD NOT, I repeat SHOULD NOT apply anti perspirant under the arms post any hair removal service. Instead grab this!
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