Our Story

Started From the Bottom

Formerly known as Vogue Lash Studio, this business was solely created as a home-based eyelash extension studio in 2016. Vogue was born by following the definition meaning ” modern and on-trend”. With the commitment to local clientele to always be up to date and on-trend with lash extension trends and services.


The owner Samantha Walters knew from the day she completed her first eyelash extension course that someday she would teach others how to perform this service.


She started out with a small little studio space in her mini home just outside of Fredericton NB where she slowly expanded into multiple eye enhancement services including lash lifting, brow lamination, tinting and threading.


From there she grew into a small studio suite in the downtown of Fredericton in October 2019 where she welcomed the henna eyebrow concepts. Within her first year, she gained general interest from prospective students and gradually hired them one by one until a new space because necessary.

The vision Grew

In November of 2020, she expanded into a bigger business suite, 9 times the size of her private suite in downtown Fredericton. Through the addition of the employees came requests for other complementary services such as waxing, sugaring and more.

As time progressed it was evident that the salon was no longer fitting the mould of Vogue Lash Studio. Ultimately Vogue Lash Studio had become well recognized as a solo artists business and it was of utmost importance to Samantha that her staff and employees become the faces of the business equally.


Additionally, with a preference to serve clients in the most authentic and holistic ways, Vogue didn’t represent the new approach take. Samantha recognized that Vogue no longer aligned with the business core values and made the decision to start something new.

"Beauty Prodigy is every student who came before me, everyone who is currently learning with me, and everybody thereafter." - Samantha Walters
Building  a community

 Beauty Prodigy was born because of the deep gratitude Samantha has for all the educators and cosmetologists that came before her, who took the time to teach and educate her in a time when we still knew very little about the eyelash extension world in an unregulated, unlicensed province in eastern Canada.


Through the years she’s been very fortunate to achieve many certifications and accreditations from all over the world. In keeping with her commitment to the cosmetology industry, she continues to pay it forward to aspiring professionals.


Beauty Prodigy takes a safety-first, education second approach, it was of utmost importance to Samantha that when Beauty Prodigy was born several elements of VLS carried over and stayed apparent. This is especially noted by her social media and client care that she’s taught the staff.


When you visit Beauty Prodigy as a guest or client, rest assured you will always leave with an additional piece of education to help you feel more comfortable and satisfied with the self-care or personal growth investment in yourself. Thus, making you a Beauty Prodigy too.