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Post Surgical

Oncological Aesthetics

  • We believe every person deserves to feel beautiful in their skin, especially after battles with illness. Please schedule a consultation to see how we can assist you in restoring your confidence post-cancer treatment.
From $50
Consult with one of our micropigmentation specialists to see if our services are right for you. We look forward to meeting you, learning about your story, and helping you restore your confidence, mental & emotional well-being.
Areola Restoration
Areola restoration uses a tattooing process known as micropigmentation to create the appearance of natural areolas. This procedure can help enhance aesthetic results and restore confidence for persons who have undergone breast surgeries or gender confirmation procedures.
Radiation Marks
For patients who have undergone cancer treatment and radiation. Small tattoos are placed on the body to indicate where radiation therapy should be directed. These markers can serve as a constant reminder of a difficult and painful time. Using micropigmentation and tattoo ink, these markers can be skillfully covered up to blend in with the surrounding skin. This process is safe for the skin and does not interfere with the effectiveness of radiation therapy.
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Samantha is amazing and informative. She has rehabbed my thin brows and I’m so thankful. Absolute master of her craft!

- Jenn M.
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