A Vagacial is much like a regular facial which includes a deep cleanse, deep exfoliation, extractions, mask, treat and hydrate!
These are a 7-step process service that will leave your skin with fewer ingrown hairs, a brighter complexation and healthier-looking skin.


Soothing treatment
After sugaring or waxing, extractions followed by an intensive after mask! Helps instantly calm and soothe irritated skin by reducing the skin temperature by 6 degrees. Will disinfect, is anti-inflammatory and helps speed healing. We recommend booking a soothing treatment right after your hair removal.
Ingrown hair treatment
This potent treatment cleanses, exfoliates, brightens, firms, and moisturizes the skin. AHA ( Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and fruit Enzymes help to break the skin's surface tension, allowing water to penetrate the skin and remove dirt and oils beyond the skin's surface. They improve the skin´s texture and brightens the complexion. This treatment is also packed with antioxidants, vitamins C+E for revitalizing the skin, and Hyaluronic Acid for intensive moisture-binding, and hydration. This treatment rejuvenates and restores the skin leaving it super soft and silky smooth.
Skin brightening treatment
This treatment lightens the skin to help fade dark spots and areas caused by excess production of melanin and to help fade scarring from breakouts.